Sunday, May 3, 2009

Marchés aux Puces

Paris is well known for its flea markets - "marchés aux puces" - so on Saturday we headed out to the marchés aux puces at the Porte de Clignacourt. It was an easy trip up there from Les Halles on the #4 metro line. We spent a few hours walking around the various shops and itinerant vendors stalls to see all kinds of goodies from clothes, Rolex watches (ya, right!), furniture and gawdy entrapments of all kinds mixed in with the occasional interesting find.

Anyway, the first dozen and a half of the pictures in the slideshow above give you an idea of the flea market. Later that evening we went out for a stroll and I, once again, got a lot of great shots of the area around Notre Dame Cathedral. As I told Kathie: "I can't go by without taking some pictures!". I hope you enjoy them.

There's something about Paris at night that captivates me...

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  1. By the way, I wasn't impressed with the marche aux puces. I'd been to two previously with the queen of marche aux puces - Marcella Diamond! It was cold and gray and I was underdressed for the weather. Jackson was walking at a pace that was slower than a tourist and I was needing to move along briskly just to stay warm. Lots of crappy expensive junk and lots of gaudy expensive junk. The days of the "find" or deal are over - finis! C'est dommage...


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