Monday, May 11, 2009

Parking Wars - Paris Edition

Paris is awash in law enforcement. So far I have seen cops on foot patrol, cops on bicycles, cops on motorcycles, cops in cars, cops on inline skates, cops on horseback, cops in boats on the Seine and, I'm sure, there are cops in the air. They are everywhere and when you don't see a cop, you see the army walking around in threes with their machine guns.

So, it is not surprising that Paris is also awash with parking enforcement people - and they mean business. I see cars getting ticketed or towed all the time. We also ran across the use of the famous "boot".

If I was A&E TV I'd be thinking about a new series: Guerres de Stationnement, édition de Paris. I wonder if Steve "Garfield" speaks French? I can only imagine what a Paris street argument with Paris parking enforcement would look like. It would be worth pulling up a chair at the local brasserie to watch though!

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