Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alas, we're home.

We've been home a week already. I'm resisting. My watch is still set to Paris time.

Jackson added this cool thing to the blog called ClustrMaps, which shows the location of our blog readers. Our next blog will have that added from the "git go". (Yick, I hate that expression.)

My dear friend, Robin, who spent a fantastic year of travel with her husband, Al, told me that it takes as long to adjust as it was being away. So, we should be back to "normal" by mid-October.

Enough of my wallowing - after all, I'm not living under the 520 bridge. I have a lovely home and Bellevue is nice.

I did want to post about our last days in Paris. The parade was a highlight, but I want to add the fireworks and a few other pictures. I also have a few more posts in me if I can muster the enthusiasm. So, don't give up on the blog yet...

We decided to forego Trocadero to view the fireworks since we'd already gotten up close and too personal with our parade friends earlier in the day. We chose Pont Neuf, which provided a cosy spot and even the smell of le feu d'artifice drifted our way.

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