Monday, July 13, 2009

Paris in the Summer

From 2009_06_28

I mentioned in a previous post that I was melting in Paris. My good friend JC Cannon sent me a great story from NPR via email called "Sounds Of Paris In The Summer". The audio commentary is 100% accurate. In this city, few people have air conditioning so the citizens of Paris throw open their windows when they need to cool off. For me, this has allowed us to enjoy the Paris mosquitoes with great regularity. But, just as Ms. Beardsley mentions, you do get to hear some interesting sounds emanating from all those apartments.

A few weeks ago we were, in fact, serenaded by a brass band across the street from us - and they were actually really good! The people at the cafe just kept buying them beers and they kept playing - much to the amusement and enjoyment of the whole "quartier" (neighborhood).

Paris in the spring was pretty good. Paris in the summer is shaping up pretty good, too!

From 2009_06_28

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