Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 5 pictures...

Less pictures today since today was a work day. After work Kathie took me over to the Palais Royal to see the garden. It at the opposite end of the street from the "Bourse" which I posted a picture of yesterday. Basically, it's less than 5 minutes away from the apartment. A great spot to eat lunch, read the paper or simply to get some sun on a nice day!

Don't let your wives see the pictures of the beautiful shoes for sale...

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  1. look youse guyz. I got your poodle see. so just do as I tell youse or you'll be sorry.
    Put 5 un-numbered francs and a day old croissant in a brown paper bag and leave it by the Bank Royale. Then wait for instructions. Come alone. NO interpol, I mean it!


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