Monday, April 27, 2009

A Glimpse of Paris

This is one of my favorite Paris sites - le tres petit Smart car. We do have them now in North America, but they're cuter here.

Yesterday on my way to explore the 'lively" Left Bank (Rive Gauche), I crossed paths with this protest. We have them in North America, but they're more polite here. (This one was anyway...)

This is a display for cosmetics. We also have these, but not like this!

We have downspouts, but not like this!

This is one thing that is NOT cuter here - my thimble-sized washer/dryer combination. To quote my dear landlady, Julia: "Laundry dries very effectively hung up to dry in the bathroom." The reason for this is that the dryer part of this very tiny machine ne marche pas. Therefore, readers of this blog who are on the list of visitors: Please remember to bring your own towel(s) and enough clothes to last you your entire stay, or else plan on schlepping down the street to the Laverie. I'll let you know what happens when I try to wash a sheet and hang it to dry. :(

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