Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why is everyone kissing?

The first night we were out roaming around, I noticed that everyone was kissing. And I asked, "Why is everyone kissing?" Jackson is more into taking pictures of inanimate objects, else I would have had my hands on the camera and would have been snapping away at all those people kissing. Then I would have been able to add them to this blog post.

Jackson keeps maligning me about the fact that I haven't been blogging. It's the same feeling I get when he blames me every time he goes out of town, we have an IT meltdown at home: "Jackson, the Internet is broken!" And he replies: "Why is it that every time I go out of town, YOU have an IT problem????" (I enjoy IT problems so much that I conspire to have them when my IT guy is absent, which is frequent.)

So, by this digression, you may see why I don't blog. Anyway, back to the topic of kissing. Last night, I spotted some kissing (not nearly the number as the day before), but I did have a blog topic, so I said: "Quick, take a picture!" As we walked past, I noticed that the couple was still entangled in their kiss, and also noticed that they were male. I couldn't tell immediately because they were both dressed very "classé" (as opposed to déclassé) and almost identical. I'm working on getting Jackson into tight, straight-leg jeans, a fashionably tied black scarf, carrying a square black leather mansack. I have three months, so wish me luck! And, by the way, why is everyone kissing?

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