Friday, April 24, 2009

Jackson's Faux Pas

Every morning (including the day he had to catch the train to Koln), Jackson goes out to buy some pastries for our petit dejeuner. (He may not know it, but the reason that this is his task is so he starts his day with that hellish climb up the stairs.) Since the boulangeries are everywhere, he's been trying a different one every day. I guess I forgot to communicate to him that he had found the most exquisite almond pain au chocolat at Gosselin's - just around the corner on rue St. Honore. So, today he returned with a disappointing find at a different bakery (turn right at the end of our street). If I'm going to eat 408 calories in one pastry, let it be exquisite.

Jackson's vice of choice is the croissant. By law in France, to be called croissant au beurre, it HAS to be made from real beurre, not some other unidentifiable fat (margarine). Jackson had a discussion at his work about this topic. There was some back and forth about margarine vs. butter, when some enlightened individual ended all conversation with this: "If you have to worry about butter or margarine, you shouldn’t be eating the croissant at all!" End of story!

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  1. Mmmmm. You guys are going to weigh another thirty pounds when you come back, but it'll be worth every ounce.


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