Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of Souffles and Thimbles

Last night we had an awesome dinner at Le Soufflé here in Paris. It's not that common to find a souffle at an American restaurant. Usually when you do it's a dessert souffle. However, at Le Souffle it is 3 courses of souffles. Check out their video which itself is delicious! I love the last line of the video which roughly translated is: "We are always waiting with our smile."

Here's what I ordered:
  • Starter: Soufflé forestie - Forest mushroom souffle
  • Main: Soufflé sanglier - Wild boar souffle
  • Dessert: Soufflé pommes et Calvados - Apple and Calvados souffle
It was truly an experience. Kathie and Stephen each had different starters, mains and desserts so we each got to try nine different souffles - really amazing.

Now for the thimble story...

I was sitting in the office when I received this email message from Kathie: "Washing thimble doesn't seem to be working!" at which point I burst into very loud fits of laughter that, I'm sure, only reinforced my image as a "crazy American" to anyone on the 9th floor of the Tour Winterthur - or perhaps all across La Défense. But doesn't it really look like a thimble? Certainly it's nothing compared to the super-sized top load washer we have at home that has a separate dryer while the "thimble" has a self-contained so-called dryer that basically does not dry yet runs up the electricity meter like there's no tomorrow...

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