Monday, April 13, 2009

French bureaucracy - part 1

This may not actually be bureaucracy but I've decided to put anything that requires extra effort into a bureaucracy post. Maybe this will be part 1 of 1 but, then again, maybe not...(emphasis is theirs):
The tenant must take out a tenant's risks insurance policy, which is MANDATORY, in France, to be covered in the event of damage caused as a result of a fire, an explosion or water damage.
It's only going to cost us about €100 for the three months we'll be in Paris but our landlord wants to see our attestation - a signed letter stating we have assurance habitation before we get the keys. Our thanks to Monsieur Paul Boussard over at AGF Insurance for helping us out with this - nous remercions Paul Boussard de son aide!

P.S. Actually, the bureaucracy of getting Euros, in cash, from Travelex here in Bellevue was far greater than getting our assurance habitation!

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