Friday, April 24, 2009

Parler Parlor

I finally had the chance to speak to someone in French (besides the sellers of food and the person on the phone who took my credit card information to pay for our assurance habitation for the apartment. [Everyone who rents is required to have their own insurance.])

A quick 10 minute walk from the apartment brought me face to face with 3 francophones and 2 other anglophones. Parler Parlor is located in a language school on the boulevard Sebastopol. There are conversation groups three times a week, where you join a group of 6-8. You spend 45 minutes conversing in English followed by 45 minutes in French. To be brief - I was glad when it was over. However, I plan to go back for more torture next week.

By the way, Jackson was conveniently late getting home from work, so he couldn't join me in the fun!

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