Thursday, April 16, 2009

We've arrived - Nous sommes ici!

We finally arrived in Paris and got to our apartment around noon. After meeting with our landlady we took a well deserved nap and then went out for an evening stroll and a quick bite. Kathie's already in bed but I thought I'd get a post published before I turned in. Feel free to click on the pictures above to see the whole album.

I'll leave it to Kathie to blog about our plane having to divert to Winnipeg due to overflowing toilets. Yuch. Oh, and her lay flat bed in business class from Toronto to Paris whereas I was relegated to the pretzel-shaped seats in row 58. And my "meat" product dinner on a tray versus her gourmet meals on china. I'm not bitter about any of that. No, really, I'm not.

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